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Wagner Campaign Flooded With Thousands of Dollars From Special Interests 

Eaton County Drain Commissioner Richard Wagner has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from vendors, lawyers, consultants, and engineers since taking office in 2012.


By The Numbers

This highlights the almost $100,000 in campaign contributions Drain Commissioner Wagner has received while in office.

Engineers and Consultants Have Contributed Over $50,000 to Wagner Campaign Since 2012

Engineering Firms and Consultants have Received 

More than 2 Million in Maintenance Work

Payments Since Wagner Took Office.

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Judge's Table

Lawyers Have Contributed Over 

$17,000 to Wagner Campaign.

Law Firms have Received More than $600,000 for Maintenance Work Since

Wagner Took Office.

Construction Sector Employees Have Contributed Over $20,000 to Wagner Campaign Since 2012

Construction Firms have Received More than $2.5 Million in Maintenance Work Since Wagner Took Office.

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Fees Skyrocket Under

Commissioner Wagner

Consulting Fees Have Gone

From 13% to 90% of Maintenance Costs

Legal and Engineering fees have skyrocketed while Drain Commissioner Wagner has been in office, eating up taxpayer dollars that could be spent on pipe and concrete.

Paid For By Committee To Elect Branden Dyer Drain Commissioner

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